Quench CA is a statewide education campaign launched by the Association of California Water Agencies to educate Californians about the importance and positive benefits of investing in our state’s water infrastructure. To support this mission, the resources on this page can be used to educate stakeholders about the water infrastructure needs in your community.


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Modernization Is Essential

#CAwater infrastructure was designed for a state with 20 million residents, but our current population is twice that size. Modernizing our water systems is essential to ensuring reliable water supplies for all Californians. Learn more: #QuenchCA

Think About Water

Ever think about how water reaches your home? It’s more complicated than just turning on the tap. From pumps to plants to pipes, #CAwater infrastructure delivers, and we can too. Find out more about what we’re doing to #QuenchCA at

Without Water

Imagine a day without access to safe drinking water. This has been a reality for some communities in prior #CAdrought years. Investing in #CAwater infrastructure helps us prepare for what’s ahead, so we never have to go a day without water. Visit #QuenchCA

Look Local

Local water infrastructure helps us make the most of our limited #CAwater. Investment in local water supplies increases reliability for communities, farms and businesses. Find out more at #QuenchCA

Cultivating CA

Remember the orange you had for breakfast? Or the tomato sauce that topped off your dinner? Odds are, those crops are CA grown, all thanks to water and the infrastructure that delivers it. Learn more about the need to invest in #CAWater at

Building Water For You

California water agencies are building water for you – investing time, money & resources to #QuenchCA and keep our water systems running smoothly. Head to to explore a variety of #CAwater projects that are planned, completed or underway.

Water Infrastructure

New to water infrastructure? You’re not alone. Pipes, dams, treatment plants, recycling facilities & other vital water infrastructure systems allow our water managers to capture, transport, store, deliver & produce our #CAwater. Learn more at #QuenchCA


Without water, we can’t grow the food that fuels our state. #CAfarmers are working hard to ensure CA shelves stay stocked, which means prioritizing #CAwater infrastructure to protect our domestic food supply. Learn more at #QuenchCA

Stay informed about the water infrastructure projects happening in your community.

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