Importance of State
& Federal

While regional and local water agencies have been making necessary investments to upgrade and build new water systems and facilities for decades, they simply cannot do it alone. The state and federal government must continue to partner with local entities to ensure sufficient funding is available for these vital projects.

Water must remain

Currently, 85% of water investments are paid for by local customers – this means water agencies rely on water rates to ensure local water supplies meet the needs of the community. Significant state and federal investments are needed to ensure California families can continue to afford their water bills.

Local investments benefit the entire state.

Local water infrastructure projects are beneficial for the state because they reduce the strain and demand on the statewide water system. Every local investment in expanding or protecting local water supplies is an investment in protecting our entire state’s water supply for the future.

Investments in water infrastructure are long overdue.

Nearly 40 million people now live in California, but the systems of reservoirs and aqueducts necessary to supply all of California with water was designed for a state with only 20 million people. We need to come together as a state and modernize our water infrastructure to meet the current needs of our growing population and our environment.

Water infrastructure is important to Californians.

90% of Californians surveyed agreed that it is important to invest in California’s water infrastructure to ensure sustainable water supplies now and for future generations. State and federal partners have an opportunity to invest in initiatives that are both publicly favored and vitally important to the well-being of all.


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