While conservation is the most immediate action we can take to sustain our state through the current and worsening water supply crisis, local water suppliers throughout California must take a comprehensive, long-term approach to adapt to our new and evolving climate reality. Ensuring we have the right water infrastructure in place is key.

When California did receive snow and rain in recent months and years, we simply did not have enough of the necessary infrastructure in place to capture, move and store all the available water supplies. If the state had been able to capture and store more water during wetter months, our supply outlook would be more reliable today.

Climate extremes are as much of an opportunity as they are a challenge for water managers. If we can build and expand the right water infrastructure projects, we can maintain reliable, safe water supplies for future generations.

What is Water Infrastructure?

The term “water infrastructure” includes pipes, dams, pumps, reservoirs, treatment plants, aqueducts, storage, recycling facilities and more. Collectively, these infrastructure projects work together to allow us to capture, transport, store, deliver and even produce the water that flows from your tap.

Water Infrastructure Goals

California needs to continue to invest in a range of projects to modernize our water systems and bolster our water supplies.



A diversified water supply portfolio is crucial to be able to quickly adapt to changing climate conditions. With multiple water sources available, we can shift to using other supplies if one becomes strained. More diverse water sources allow us to make the most out of limited supplies in wet years and in dry.


The safe, high-quality drinking water we’re accustomed to in California is achieved through treatment facilities, water supply testing and regular maintenance of our water systems.


Our complex network of water treatment, storage and delivery systems is working 24/7 to provide the water that fuels our homes, businesses and farms. This complex network must be maintained, fortified and upgraded to prevent leaks and water waste. Upgrading the systems and facilities we have is important to ensuring we protect and efficiently use our water supplies.


Investing in water infrastructure projects is investing in our environment. Efficient and sustainable management of our state’s water resources benefits fish and streams, protecting our state’s natural beauty and wildlife habitats.


Stay informed about the water infrastructure projects happening in your community.

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