QuenchCA Shelves

The City of San Diego is making an unprecedented investment of a billion dollars in San Diego’s extensive network of dams. The nine water supply reservoirs and dams that the City of San Diego owns and maintains are a unique, complicated system of dam, outlet works and spillway components that are essential for capturing rain and runoff during wet years to ensure that there is ample supply in drier ones. Not only are these dams the crux of the water delivery system that gets water to San Diego’s homes and businesses, they also serve as a place where San Diegans enjoy fishing, kayaking and watersports.

In 2020, the City built on its hundred-plus-year legacy of safely designing and maintaining reservoirs by expanding the dam safety program to ensure that our most important water infrastructure is in the best condition possible. The dedicated Dam Safety Team’s regular assessments mean that the City has a built-in process to identify the best ways to perform the regular maintenance that all water infrastructure undergoes. Thanks to the Safety Team’s work and close coordination with the California Division of Safety of Dams, the City is moving forward with record investments to bolster multiple dams.

As part of this historic investment, the work at Hodges Dam is a significant and impactful project. The City is committing major resources to focus directly on Hodges Dam to construct a new, robust dam structure entirely from the ground up. In 2022 the City made a series of near-term repairs to the upstream face of the dam and assessed the value of constructing a new dam structure. Building a new structure will modernize the dam, allowing it to fulfill an important role as part of San Diego’s local water supply and storage system. It will allow for more rain to be captured and stored in the reservoir, ensuring that the City of San Diego is well-equipped for California’s increasingly hotter and drier conditions.

The City of San Diego is working closely with state regulators to expedite the construction process in a safe and efficient manner, while protecting the environment, so that San Diegans can enjoy the benefits of an upgraded Hodges Dam as soon as possible.